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Why Animate
Your Diabetes Story?

  • To deliver clear, memorable messages
  • To empower your audience to solve problems
  • To engage prospects where they live
    • In emails
    • On social media
    • At trade shows
    • On your website
    • In sales presentations
    • On television
    • Looped video in offices and public spaces for brand consistency
    • Via postcard QR code
    • Training

In 2022, we asked health tech CEOs if animation is important to their business. 100% agreed.

Diabetes Projects Completed and Underway


Platinum Package


  • Visually spectacular animation that shows outcomes clearly
  • Communicates complex concepts clearly and concisely
  • 3D modeling, providing crystal clear detail and depth
  • Up to 7 scenes
  • Up to 3 custom characters

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Promoting physician-oriented content
  • Intros and/or summaries for promotional and educational content

Gold Package


  • Character-driven stories with lush detail
  • Numerous characters to enhance story points
  • 5-7 hand drawn scenes
  • 3-10 custom characters

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Illustrate how scientific sessions for medical professionals improve the quality of patient care
  • Promotion of products like on television and social media

Silver Package


  • Characters and scenes drawn in high level detail
  • 3-5 hand drawn scenes
  • 1-2 custom characters

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Customer acquisition campaigns detailing the story of a single relatable character
  • Tell customer success stories to encourage participation in an ongoing behavioral program (e.g. early detect of eye problems)

Bronze Package


  • Created from a vast library of preconfigured characters and scenes
  • 3-5 scenes
  • 3-5 characters

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Promoting events on a tight timeline and/or budget
  • Long-form educational videos

Included in All Packages

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Design
  • Licensed Music
  • Commercial Rights
  • HD Video File (1920x1080)

Additional Options

  • Additional Languages<
  • Social Media Sizing (1080x1920, 1080x1080, & 1080x1350)
  • Broadcast Rights (as for television)
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