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Your product improves lives, but you will miss out on business if people don’t understand it.

We will convert your complex ideas into clear, thought-provoking animations that communicate to your audiences.

We’ve helped others explain complex, technical stories clearly and concisely. Read what they have to say!

We have been SO pleased with our end products and impressed by the team members that Neil and Suzie have enlisted for each project.
I highly recommend Sketchology Studios... They also build dreams into reality!
Thank you!
When I saw another Sketchology video I saw the power in the short story and I thought, that’s what we’ll do is to make a connection with our audience.


At Sketchology Studios, we know you are the kind of people who want to focus your talents on the work you love.

In order to do that, you need time and money. The problem is, without clearly stating what you do, funders will go elsewhere and your marketing will be in vain, which makes you feel frustrated...

We believe that you shouldn’t have to waste your time with marketing. We understand the importance of having a calling. That’s why we create animations that clearly communicate your vision. Here’s how it works: 1) You schedule an introductory call with us and set up a brainstorming session, 2) we ensure your satisfaction at every stage of development of your animation, and 3) you enjoy seeing your final animation, ready for public consumption. So schedule a call so you can stop feeling frustrated and start doing the work you love.

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