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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Animate

As a small, but mighty service sector agency, you know it is difficult to engage audiences and get your message across.  You need a fast, cost-efficient, and effective way to communicate with your audience that is versatile enough to cross multiple formats.

Here are five benefits of using animations:

Picture of Microbiology professor explaining DNA as it rotates on a video screen

  1. Animation visualizes concepts for less technical audience members.
    Animation engages audiences through appealing visuals designed to communicate the features and benefits of your product.  While you cannot go into detail in a: 60-second video, you can pique the interest of potential investors and buyers.  Piquing interest in turn allows you to set a meeting to describe the benefits of your solution further.
  2. Picture of person reading a book and being confused, then looking at a picture and being enlightened

  3. Visuals are processed quicker and better retain than spoken words or written words ( 
    Animated videos appeal to visual learners and auditory learners.  Because human beings can process visual stimuli so much faster than text, you can get your messages across quickly.  Visual learning is also retained much better than auditory learning or learning through reading.    Animated stories contain an emotional component that makes your message more memorable. .
  4. Picture of a person with many arms feeling overwhelmed

  5. Visual analogies are an effective device to simplify complex ideas.
    The use of visual analogy involves displaying familiar images to represent a broader idea.  Type 2 Diabetes medication, for example, shows characters engaging in a variety of different physical activities to convey that one benefit of the medication is increased freedom.  Similarly, depression medication shows buoyant or happy images to show that a benefit of the medication is increased happiness.
  6. Picture of an instructor pointing to a skeleton

  7. Animation allows you to show the interior of physical objects.
    One eye-catching analogy is to show the body from the inside and outside.  While this could be done with live video and x-rays, it is much more cost-effective and practical to use animations.
  8. picture of a person looking at a funny video of a skeleton online

  9. Viewers spent an average of 2.6 times more time on a webpage with video vs. a page without video. (
    Page views are great, but you really want conversions.   Website viewers watch videos to identify themselves as highly interested.  Compelling, animated videos will keep them on your site longer and give them valuable information to absorb.   Potential clients or investors that watch the video are now able easily talk to you about your product.

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