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President & Co-Founder

Creative Director & Co-Founder

You’re too busy doing the work you love to spend hours on your marketing. Let Sketchology Studios craft clear and thought-provoking animations so you can communicate with your audiences.

We are Neil and Suzie Israel, the co-founders of Sketchology Studios, an animation and storytelling marketing studio which helps you and your clients connect through animated explainer videos. We founded Sketchology Studios in 2019, but we have been collaborative storytellers from the very start—for example, while planning our wedding in 2002, we created a booklet explaining the meanings of the rituals in our Jewish wedding ceremony. And we’ve had a few businesses over the years where we were in constant collaboration on branding, business development, and marketing materials. 

People wonder, “How does that work, married people working together? Don’t you get tired of each other?” We have an uncommon level of trust and camaraderie that guides our collaboration and that we apply to our relationships with our customers. Like we do with each other, we will take care of you and we’ll have fun doing it!

While we come from different religious traditions (Suzie is a student of all religions; while Neil is Jewish), we have in common a sense of social justice and gravitate to purpose-driven businesses. This is embodied in the Hebrew term Tikun Olam, or “Heal the World”.

We know that you want to turn your marketing dollars into profits. In today’s saturated market, you have to do something with your marketing that hasn’t been done before. You need to be seen, heard, and most importantly—REMEMBERED. Hands-down, animation is the best way to get remembered, and here’s why:

Did you know that animated videos can increase conversions on your landing pages by up to 80%? Also, original video content ranks higher in social media algorithms than text or pictures. And hand-drawn, moving pictures work even better than recorded video because you can exaggerate and imagine whole new realities. Our customers tell us they love the way we inspire their audiences. Our explainer videos have educated thousands.

With us you get peace of mind. Suzie is a seasoned marketing professional and graphic designer, and Neil managed multi-million dollar projects for Sprint. Your animated story can be used across myriad platforms and use cases, and adapted easily when your messaging shifts. Working with us, you get transparent pricing without upsells, and avoid the barriers of language, currencies, or time zones. 

The truth is, can you afford to NOT have people remember you? We want to bring fun back into your marketing. Let’s ANIMATE!


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