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How to add a cover video to LinkedIn

  1. Who can add cover videos to their LinkedIn profile? YOU!
  2. What is “creator mode” and do I need it to have a cover video? Creator Mode is separate functionality and you DON’T need it to have a cover video.
  3. Can I add a video from my computer? NOPE!
  4. So I do it on my phone? YEP!
  5. Is it possible to upload a video, as opposed to recording it on the spot using your phone? YES!

Read on, or watch the video accompanying this blog post, to learn more.

How you know someone has a cover video

You may already have seen cover videos in action on a few select profiles. When you first visit their profile page, their cover video plays silently for a couple of seconds and then reverts to their still profile picture. Click on their profile picture to play the video and learn more about them!

How to record (or upload!) a cover video

Go to the LinkedIn app on your phone and go to your profile page. You will see a “+” icon in the bottom right corner of your profile picture. Click on this “+” symbol. A “Record” screen will appear, and you will see yourself on the screen in selfie mode. There is a red “record” button at the bottom of the screen, as well as a “picture” icon to the left of the “record” button.

Record and save your cover video

To record a message, click the record button and record up to 30 seconds. You can add stickers and/or type to your video. You will be prompted to save it, and it will be added to your profile!

Upload a video as your cover video

But maybe you want to record a few versions of your video and decide which one you like best. Or maybe you want to use a phone or computer app to edit your video. Or maybe you’re just not great on camera, and you have an amazing short animated video from Sketchology Studios you’d like to use instead.

To upload a video file, first you need to make sure it’s in the Photo gallery on your phone. See the video accompanying this blog post to learn more about transferring files to your phone. Also, remember your video must be 30 seconds or less.

Once your video is in your Photo gallery, go to the “Record” page in your LinkedIn app, and instead of clicking “record”, click the “picture” icon. Your Photo gallery will appear. Select your video. You can still add stickers or text using LinkedIn’s functionality, or just upload it as is. You will be prompted to save it, and it will be added to your profile!

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