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How To Create An Explainer Animated Video

How To Create Great Explainer Animated Video?

While exploring the fearsome competitive waves of the digital marketing agency, one should be equipped with the most important strategies and tips for gaining recognition. In this computerized age, capturing the attention of your intended interest group is a definite goal of every business, whether it is a large-scale venture or a struggling startup. Hope this “How To Create Great Explainer Animated Video” help you make an animated video for your business

In the event that you long for hitting the top outlines, you should find out about the least complex yet the best procedures to accomplish your point. The most remarkable advertising procedure, trailed by millions around the planet, is a video showcasing. As per the exploration, around 24% of advertisers are wanting to make intuitive recordings to support their promoting results.

How Explainer Videos Impact Your Organic Outcomes

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the most intriguing strategy to catch the consideration of your intended interest group. There are a few unique sorts of explainer recordings where every single one of them assumes a critical part in delivering results.

The motivation behind explainer recordings is to draw in the watchers by furnishing them with significant data and following a critical thinking approach. The substance isn’t totally limited time however it intends to spread item mindfulness. Certain viewpoints from the composing style to video type ought to be as per your image sharpness to uncover better outcomes.

Here is the bit by bit cycle to make an explainer video for your business.

Step 1-Set Your Targets

To make your showcasing effort achievement fastidious methodology and thought-out arrangement are the must two angles. You need to establish your recordings on stable grounds to gain them headway at twofold speed.

By setting targets, you make things more clear and simple to assess. The essential standards are to observe the SMART guideline:

S-Sustainable-your video ought to have the option to create results that are practical

M-Measurable-Make the results quantifiable and you should have the correct apparatus with an arrangement to utilize

A-Attractive-Achievable-Think objectively and for all intents and purposes. Try not to fabricate a cloud in the sky and target objectives that are feasible

R-Relevant-Your video ought to be pertinent to your speciality and it ought to reflect consistency

T-Timeless-Do not intend to hit a particular time, rather make your video immortal.

Step 2- Choose The Right Platform to Post

Is it true that you are concerned about the stage at which your marking video will take place? All things considered, in order to reach an appropriate decision, you must consider two critical perspectives of the intended interest group, as well as the reasonableness of the online media stage.

Locate the Prospective Group of Your Target Audience

Demographics presented video consumption in relation to the target audience group as follows:

  • Millennials account for 48% of the population.
  • 38% of Generation Xers
  • 26% of baby boomers

Some 80% of customers between the ages of 18 and 49 watch recordings at different levels. Web-based recordings consistently take a total of 3.25 billion hours.43% of guys, while 40% of females are watching recordings, consider sexual socioeconomic.

You must find the right crowd collection. You should know who is going to reach your video. It is best to concentrate on finding better results. The below angle is to see which stage of your intended interest group has the highest level. You have to choose the one that will give your video more visibility.


Facebook is quite possibly the most packed stages with regards to video notices. More than 4 billion recordings are seen each day. Around 100 million hours are spent watching recordings. Also, 500 million individuals watch recordings consistently.

Target Market

Around 32.4% of clients are age around 25 to 34 years. Furthermore, 4.7% of clients are 35 and more established among Facebook’s crowds and just 5.8% of clients are 17 and under.


As indicated by Statista, Instagram has more than 1 billion clients having a place with various locales across the world. The quantity of considering is developing the stage continues refreshing its calculations.

Target Audience

The most noteworthy level of clients age between 18 to 259 years; 28% of clients are 30 to 39 years of age alongside 11% of clients are aged between 50 to 64% and just 4% are more than 65 years.


With more than 79% of web clients web-based on YouTube, it has a sum of 2 billion supporter check. The enormous stage is as yet developing its number of clients.

Target Audience

Around 71% of clients ages 26-35 while 67% are around 36-45. Likewise, 58% of clients are among 56 and more seasoned.


Twitter represented an aggregate of 187 million dynamic clients in 2020. It’s one of the most seasoned at this point exceptionally utilized web-based media stages.

Target Audience

Twitter engages 44% of clients of ages 18-24 years. Around 31% of clients age between 25 to 35 years while 17% of clients are 50 or more year old.

Taking a gander at the socioeconomics, you can perceive how every one of these recorded stages varies from each other. You need to dissect your objective gathering and pick the stage which suits your plan of action.

Ideal Video Lengths of Social Media Platforms:

Facebook-a video 2 to 5 minutes in length is ideal to create better commitment

Instagram-Through the IGTV highlight you can even post a video with an hour of span though the suggested term is 26 seconds

LinkedIn-A 30 seconds video can produce 200% occasions more changes given that the substance is proficient and instructive

Pinterest-Recommended term is from 4 seconds to 15 minutes though the thought video is a moment longer than it was

Snapchat-The ideal video length is 3 to 5 seconds while it caters 3 minutes in length video promotions also

YouTube-The ideal video advertisement ought not to be over 12 minutes in length or if nothing else 10 minutes.

Now that you know the exact duration preferable on the leading social media platforms, you should open the fortune of explainer video styles that are offered by each explainer video administrations.

Step 3- Choose The Right Style of Explainer Video

The results created through a video advertisement are verifiable. Advertisers express that video promotions assist them with creating and more prominent leads. Around 73% of advertisers have expressed that in the wake of watching a video promotion, clients have downloaded their applications. Along these lines, when you know the possibilities explainer recordings convey why not pick the one that fits best with your business speciality.

Each factor of your video impacts its prosperity from the substance to the video type to its style. You basically must be more mindful to choose the correct kind and to assist you with excursion is a curated rundown of probably the best video making styles and types.

2D Animated Videos

2D videos were created for entertainment purposes. It was famous among the kids which then rooted itself smoothly into the digital grounds. In the 2D video, everything from imagery to framework to the animation is created in the two-dimensional frame. The colour selection is kept closer to reality and the animation is enhanced using top tools to gear up the online progress.

Usually, these videos are best to deliver a story. If you want to hit the emotional aspect of your target audience, you must plan on creating an explainer video. These videos require specialist skills and so for that its always best to hire a professional animated explainer video agency.

Here is an Animation illustrated in the 2D animation style:

3D Animated Explainer Video

3D Animated Explainer Videos are utterly captivating videos. With a 3D video, you can surely boost your lead generation by indulging your viewers completely in the content. If you want to accelerate online visibility, try adding a character in your video as well.

The character will connect and interact with your target audience and help you reap greater benefits out of your creation. From selecting the right colour scheme to creating a sound strategy for your video that can help you score the leading ranks, you have to be more intuitive in finalizing the aesthetics and content for a 3D animated explainer video.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are one of the most used videos that help in delivering a certain message in a minimalist way. No matter how rich your message is, you can effectively engage the viewers. In a whiteboard animated video, you have to use only two basic colour black and white which is usually the background. Apart from these colours, you can add your brand colour as well to highlight the identity.

The video can have a character who presents the video by drawing it. If you are on a tight budget its good to go for a whiteboard animated video as it is cost-efficient. You do have to create complex imagery. Simply get a compelling script and get started with designing the scene. You can use pointers and shares too to add an appealing impact on your viewers. There is no need to add proper characters in your video. It simplifies the imagery and makes creating the video simpler.

Step 4- Compose The Video Script

The script is the most important aspect of your explainer video. To achieve your goals, you must have a killer script that can put yourself in the shoes of your viewers and completely engross them.
Composing one, on the other hand, is a difficult task. You must understand the fundamental criteria and factors that contribute to the generation of prospective leads. Is your script about a particular product or service? You must be very specific in your approach while keeping in mind how simple your description can be. As a result, the following are the fundamentals of writing:

Quote The Problem

You need to first quote the problem your target audience is facing. IN this way, you tend to divert their attention towards your video. They will get more inclined towards knowing what you have to say about it.

Introduce Your Service

You need to then bring your service as the ultimate solution. If you are writing about a product, then you have to define its traits and features. Similarly, for service comes the benefits part. You have to tell your viewers how effective your service or product is for them.

Stay Logical but Professional

You have to use an utterly professional and interactive tone while composing your video script. Be interactive to garner attention. Explainer video production is more like talking to your viewers. Therefore, the script should be in that narration.

Add Value in Your Content

Do not simply brag about your product or service, instead explain its traits and give information to your viewers. They should consider it worth watching. Explain how your solution is reliable and why you are suggesting it. Highlight the unique aspect of your product and do not overemphasize it; desperately making it eye candy.

Step 5- Storytelling: Trigger The Emotions

The most effective video is one that can control the emotions of the target audience. If you want to increase your sales funnel, you must dive deep into the market and look for the weak link. Use that in your video to entice your audience to participate in your marketing campaign.

Write as if you were writing a five-year-script. old’s To deliver your message, you must be passionate while using simple language. Your script should be comprehensive but written in a precise manner. It should be indulgent but not perplexing. Consider yourself speaking to a young child who is eager to learn everything but is unable to recognize the complexities.

Step 6- Pick The Right Animation Tool and Software

Getting your hands on professional tools is a must. You must acquire the right resources to develop a video that can give wings to your brands to fly. So, here is a list of tools and software to make your explainer video process simpler and more efficient.

Adobe Animate CC

If you want to create an impressive 3D animated video you must learn to use Adobe Animate CC. one of the finest software. It comes with a bundle of features and options to make professional animation. Its HIDPI supported along with offering advanced coding to users. It can even allow you to practice camera enhancements. You can add greater value to your content by using exceptional tools and brushes. From enhancing the colours to creating better imagery, the tool is full of many options.

Digicel FlipBook

For 2D animated videos, Digicel FlipBook comes as the most recommended tool. It’s simple and easy to use. Moreover, it’s flexible and offers the easiest way to design and create an animated video. You can indulge in scanning, drawing and painting. You can create an intuitive interface that can compel and captivate the audience. The animation is challenging but with this platform, you will find it getting simpler. In addition, by putting the cherry on the top, you can use the software to sync music as well. You can make your video sound impressive and engaging.


If you are running short on your deadlines, iClone is the software you must get. It’s an utterly professional software bundled with lots of features. With the quickest time to produce a video ad, you can add lots of objects, patterns and animated elements to enhance the overall look. Create organic morphs and make real-time visuals as well. In addition, you can indulge in on-demand community content. The software is fast and engaging. It’s impressive and professional to use.

Step 7: Aesthetics and Characterization

To make your animated video more impressive, consider creating characters who can interact professionally with the audience. Aside from that, the aesthetics should be appealing. But how do you do it? Remember to keep your brand identity in mind before creating anything for your video. Choose the appropriate colour tone and create a balanced aesthetic. Your video clip sound and look professional. Every single aspect should highlight uniformity.


Step 8: Music and Sound Effects

Enhancements are required to raise the value of your creation. When you include background music or sound effects in your motion graphics, you can make a video more impressive. Whether you’re trying to make a live-action or fully animated video, the appearance of the objects can add different effects that add emotions to the video. Here are some places where you can find music for your video.

MusOpen – This website provides free music resources such as sheet music and recordings.

YouTube– It has a massive collection of free music lists that can be tailored to your industry.

Step 9- Add The Voice Over

Explainer videos have voice overs to deliver the message with clarity. Based on the region, the language is selected with the appropriate accent and tone. While selecting a voice-over artist, the company identity is kept in mind. If your brand depicts juvenile and cheerful vibes. it’s best to hire a young artist with a refreshing voice.

The right voice over can add life to your video and enhance its effectiveness. Among the aspects that contribute to attracting the target audience voice over holds a major part. If your video looks appealing but has a dull or inappropriate voice over, it will not make your targeted progress and would distract your audience.

Moreover, voice-over artists are instructed to speak every word clearly. No need to go so fast that the artist begins missing out on important details. There should be a smooth deliverance of the information to capture the attention and to keep the viewers involved. With tone pouring out the right emotions, your explainer video would do great if created with a suitable and interesting voice over.

If you want to do it on your own you can try out software like Adobe Audition. Here you can record your own voice over and edit the voice as well to synchronize it with the video. There are features to improve the voice quality as well., That will reduce the background noise and would make your video more audible.

Step 10- Evaluate The Completed Version

Phew!! With a lot of breath-taking moments, sleepless nights just to create that most awe-inspiring character, an unending hunt for voice artist and designers for your video, the perfect explainer video for your brand is ready to hit the market.

However, before you go online its better if you evaluate your video thoroughly. Ponder on every frame and its areas and see how well synchronized your video is. The appearance of text with the character’s movements and the transition of one frame into another, every aspect should indicate a flow and smoothness. Most importantly, check your content, there must not be any mistake in the text. Your efforts will go down the drain if your content losses its credibility.

Plan for the Launch

Gear up with a mind-blowing marketing plan. You cannot simply throw a video and expect hundreds of people to jump on your platform with your conversion counter blasting out with counts. Stay rational.

Think about how you can present your video on the platforms you have selected. The basic criteria to do social media marketing is to keep a uniform approach. When you post content on Facebook it will be the same as that posted on other platforms except for minor changes. However, platforms like LinkedIn requires a more professional and straight forward tone. So, keep all of these aspects in mind before making a move.

Upload The Video On Your Website

Apart from posting it on social media sites, you can upload your video on your website as well. The organic traffic to your site would likely increase 5x time more by the presence of an explainer video.

How much does a 30-second animation cost?

A 30-second animation video that requires high quality and 3D or 2D animated frameworks would range between $2000 – $4500. The cost is influenced by the number of frames, quality requirements and the revisions you ask your animator to do.

How much does a 1-minute video cost?

A minute-long animated video can cost anywhere between $1,000–$5,000. The reason behind his huge cost bracket is because the many styles of explainer videos have the complicated requirements of the clients. If you want a 3D video you will have to stay prepared to pay the huge amount whereas a whiteboard animated video can cost around $2500.


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