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Tech Tip: play videos beautifully in Zoom presentations

Have you ever been on a zoom call with technical difficulties? Do you have a video that you want to play on a zoom call? Avoid embarrassment and make sure your video can be seen and heard by your audience with this simple tip: When sharing your screen, click “Optimize for video clip” in the bottom left corner of your window.


  1. Make sure your video is open somewhere on your screen.
  2. With your zoom meeting running, click the “Share screen” button at the bottom of your screen.
    Click Share Screen button
  3. Select the screen or window where your video is, then select “Optimize for video clip” in the lower left corner. If you do NOT want the audio to play, unclick “Share sound”. Then click the Share button.
    Select the screen, select Optimize for video clip, click Share.
  4. Wow your audience with an amazing video presentation!

Bonus Tip ~ to ensure your video is viewed beautifully in full screen mode from the moment you share it, download it to your computer and follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “Share screen” button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select “Advanced”, then “Video”, then “Optimize for video clip” in the lower left corner. Then click the Share button.n
    Select Advanced, Select Video, Select Optimize for Video clip, Select Share.
  3. Select your video file, and your video will play beautifully on your audience’s screens.

Thank you for taking a moment, and watch for future posts with helpful tips!

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