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When I saw another Sketchology video I saw the power in the short story and I thought, that’s what we’ll do is to make a connection with our audience.

We have developed some technology for use in the Dallas County Community College District and we needed that technology adopted by a bunch of people for whom maybe technology hadn’t always been their best friend, so having a story really got the users engaged and to understand how they can use the app to achieve their potential.

So with Sketchology we came up with the idea of taking an actual person, Ana, and showed her whole experience about using the app and how it helped her achieve her goals.

After building a Sketchology video I found all kinds of uses for it beyond the original intent. I used it  at trade shows, I’ve sent it to a potential investors and others who are trying to get engaged with their project because it just clearly generates the excitement and the reason to get involved with us.

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