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My name is Haphen Muchapondwa. I am the CEO and founder of Transcend STEM Education, and online program that offers grades K-12 STEM Education and other school activities as well as adult personal development, professional development, career certifications and employment partnerships.

We had the occasion of working with you, Suzie and Neil, in designing our marketing video which we still have up on our website at It’s a beautiful video; it’s very precise, it’s very clean, it’s short and sweet and it’s very impactful. Thank you. A few of our students, because we are global (we are online) can relate with that video.

So we will definitely be asking you for more services and will be referring you to other organizations. You are very professional, you are very timely, and the pricing is very reasonable given the quality of work that you provide. Thank you, Sketchology, Neil and Suzie. Thank you.

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