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We were looking for a video that would quickly summarize both the challenge we are addressing as an organization as well as the unique impact of our program in a succinct and compelling way. We wanted to hook them in and tell them only a little bit so that they become interested in our work and want to learn more or donate.

We were excited to work with Sketchology to design a video that would be compelling!

I like that the videos are short, yet clear, engaging, and impactful. I was initially drawn to Sketchology because I watched one of their videos and was instantly drawn into the storyline. When it was over, I wanted to know more. I felt inspired to reach out to the organization that the video was about.

When I first read the script that Suzie sent over with the play-by-play of the video, I knew it was going to be a success in engaging our audience and moving them to action.

It was so exciting to watch our video premier at our gala. We were able to capture people’s attention, and then brought the student featured in the video to the stage. When people made the connection, they were riveted and compelled to engage with our work.

Suzie and Neil were incredibly kind and generous. They were patient throughout our process of coming up with the video idea from scratch, and they helped bring our ideas to life. They were extremely responsive and easy to work with.

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