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animation in advertising

The Role of Animation in Advertising

With the advancement in technology, there has been an increase in the use of animation in advertising.

Animation is popular in most niches because it is a much lower cost alternative to conventional ads and is effective in reaching the audience. Live-action can be very costly because there is a lot more margin for error and delays than animation, which only needs a few animators and voice actors to produce a high-quality final product. For a number of purposes, more companies are turning to animation to promote their goods, services, and ideas, including:

  1. Animation is generally more entertaining to watch and generates more audience interest than conventional advertisements.
  2. It also includes humour or comic elements that hold the audience amused for longer periods of time and often encourages sharing for additional marketing opportunities.
  3. Animation allows you to be much more innovative because you can show almost everything in animation; unlike live-action videos, you are not limited to what is practical or feasible. Blending the fantastical into the plot is also a good way to keep viewers’ attention for a longer period of time.
  4. Animation can capture the essence of your brand and express exactly what you are wanting your audience to understand your product or service.
  5. Advertising animation generally consists of short videos that communicate clearly and quickly and impart information in a creative way to be memorable.
  6. Animation provides comic relief in most instances which makes it more interesting to viewers in general.


Here’s a summary of animation’s new status in advertising:

An animated advertisement will summarize the entire promotional campaign in a brief visual with music, providing you with a product to get your point across before the audience moves on. Animation helps you to create characters that don’t have to be realistic and envision virtual worlds far away from our daily lives, enabling you to catch a viewer’s imagination when telling your story. One role of animation in ads is to enhance contact with potential customers. Most people would watch an entertaining animated video rather than reading hundreds and pages of text to understand your product.

This lets you explain everything simply and effectively, improving your customers understanding and often trust in your product or brand. Making use of animation as part of your advertising strategy can enhance your modern look and feel. Animated adverts are a lot more cost-effective. There is a lot less expenditure for labour and there is generally a huge saving in production costs. You are able to pre-sell your products using animation before you actually have a physical product available. Animation allows you to demonstrate a product without actually having it in your hand. Animation also allows for special effects, lighting and colours to make it more appealing to an audience, which would be hard to achieve naturally.

Today Animation is used in advertising including:

Character animation lets you create an animated character to reflect your product or brand. Which can be more powerful than a live spokesperson. Animated advertisement improves reach on smartphones and tablets by TV, social media outlets and websites.

Animated infographics allow companies to build engaging and interactive ways of training workers or creating reports and information for stakeholders. Complex content may also be displayed in an understandable manner and maintained for a longer period of time. Animation in advertising can also be used in emails to clients to exchange details in a lighthearted manner.


According to research, the use of animation in ads has risen by more than 40% in the last year alone. Showing that more and more companies are finding that animation works to sell, illustrate, and train. Well-crafted animated advertisements increase site views, Google search engine optimization, and sale conversions. Animated advertising is both cost-efficient and effective. Why wouldn’t you want to introduce animation into your marketing campaign?

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